About Us

Welcome to the Hog Roast Keighley, the home of exquisite hog roast catering throughout Keighley and all surrounding areas of Bradford. Our tailored services deliver flexibility where you need it most – from the huge choice of fresh and delicious locally sourced ingredients that go into each and every one of our menus, to the level of service you require, all coming to you at outstanding value for money. Whatever your budget, we’ll help you to put together a bespoke hog roast catering service to wow your guests.

We Cater to All Event Types

Over 10 years of dedicated service has seen us deliver a simply breathtaking number of delicious hog roast meals to a truly mesmerising number of satisfied customers. From events and celebrations welcoming up to 20 guests to weddings and all out bustling parties of up to 200 people, we’ve developed an unmatched appreciation for delivering a standout hog roast dining experience to hungry revelers in just about every type of celebration imaginable.

Any event hog roast catering:

-Charity Events
-Corporate Events
-Birthday Celebrations
-Private Parties & Garden Parties

Remember, Hog Roast Keighley offers expert hog roast catering services for both indoor and outdoor events. Our hog roast machines require very little space in which to cook a delicious and crowd pleasing full roast. That means that from function rooms and village halls to much larger venues and wide open fields, we’re ready to cook up something special.

Create Your Menu with Hog Roast Keighley

Our highly polished stainless steel machines can do much more than produce perfectly roasted hog meat. Sure, that’s the main purpose of our stunning machines, but have you considered expanding your menu to suit all tastes? Here’s how…

Hog roast machine accessories:

BBQ accessory – fill out your menu with burgers, fried onions, hotdogs, and more
Chicken spit accessory – 36 large chickens/sides of beef/legs of pork (even large fish)

Browse our menu section and feel free to mix and match any items that you find simply irresistible. We want you and your guests to receive the hog roast catering experience of a lifetime.

Local Fresh Produce

Hog Roast Keighley is proud to source all of our delicious and fresh ingredients from our locally approved suppliers. Our dedication to delivering full flavoured hog roast catering means that you benefit from a 100% authentic service that puts the quality of each and every one of our ingredients first. Our skilled chefs have developed a working relationship with our local suppliers over the years, meaning we know exactly how to get the very best flavours from all of the meats and vegetables across all of our menus.